We provide cost effective services performed by seasoned engineers who are dedicated, flexible and responsive. We are driven by the goal of a successful solution. If you are looking for a group of people who have the experience to get things done with geospatial information integration and visualization, then we are the answer, because we are already up on the learning curve. We have decades of experience developing and integrating commercial off the shelf (COTS) software and integrated system solutions. These service phases are designed to evolve with your organization's budget process.

Proof of Concept Demonstration of Google Earth

Proof of Concept Demonstration

Sometimes seeing is not only believing but also understanding the concept: especially for the sponsoring stakeholders. We work with you and your organization to demonstrate the vision concept you want to accomplish. We integrate Google Earth on the Internet with custom data sources and aggregated open source geographic information to demonstrate and prove out the solution idea. We aggregate and manage internal data sourcves as well as other open source information. Once you have a proof of concept demonstration capability, we support you in your process to develop the next project phase and budget authorization to implement your vision. The advantage of this approach is that you don't have to invest right away in the Enterpise Version of Google Earth. You utilize the on line version for the proof of concept thereby lowering the cost to get started.

Integrate the pieces of the puzzle

Installation and Integration

When you are ready to benefit from your own installation of Google Earth serving your own geospatial data, either on the Internet or on your own private network, we provide all the experienced engineering to get you going. We work with you to clearly understand your requirements and the spectrum of information you will be working with. We get a good head start on this because we started out with the proof of concept demonstration.

Once we have a good understanding of the value and scope of your installation, we proceed to install and test the necessary Google Earth Enterprise servers, both the Map Server and the Fusion Server on to your hardware and network. We also catalog and categorize your geospatial data and collect and aggregate any relevant open source data as geo-referenced data. We then prepare your geospatial data to be processed by the Google Earth Enterprise Fusion Server. This process includes converting the geospatial data (textual, vector, imagery, video, etc) into the appropriate file formats, geographic coordinate systems, map projection and datum. In addition, some data, such as multimedia data, must be processed into the appropriate Flash format. Then we process the geospatial data through the Fusion server to produce the appropriate data for the Google Earth Map Server.

You are now at a point where your data is integrated into the Google Earth Enterprise system running on your hardware and network. It is up to you whether you want to connect your network up to the Internet and either serve other Google Earth clients with your data and / or include data layers from Google’s Public Earth Map Server.

Often, receiving and displaying real time information and collaborating across distributed locations is of great importance. Earth Technology Integration has implemented several capabilities to address these needs. Contact Us to learn more about this.

Operations and Maintenance of Google Earth Enterprise

Operations and Maintenance Support

As you utilize the visualization and collaboration capabilities of your integrated geospatial data and perform valuable operations effectively and efficiently, we are there to support you. Should you require additional operators to perform activities during a particular event, we can supply those people on a temporary basis, saving you the cost of hiring and training additional full time employees. If you need to update data, add data, reformat data or re-factor data, we assist to make it a smooth process. When your computer server hardware needs operating system upgrades, we are there to support you. As Google Earth Enterprise updates its software or operating procedures, we are up on the latest information and details of the update installation process and we provide the engineering expertise to smoothly transition to the latest versions of software. If you discover errors or defects, we support you in correcting them whether they are a direct result of our work or a result of other factors.

As we support you and your organization in gaining the most benefit from your geospatial information, together we may decide there are additional capabilities that will enhance your operations. We provide a separate configuration of the Google Earth Enterprise and data system to perform test demonstrations of additional features and functions to see how they provide value within your operational needs. Once these demonstrations are proven to be required within the operational system, we integrate them smoothly and efficiently.

One of the areas where expert knowledge of the data and Google Earth visualization system provides a valuable service is in coverage analysis. During operations, we periodically perform analysis to determine the accuracy, relevancy, and timeliness of your imagery, vector, textual, and multimedia data assets. This assists you and your organization with appropriate planning for data collection, purchase acquisition and refresh.

Training for clear navigation with Google Earth


We know that you and your organization want to be self sufficient with the Google Earth Enterprise system that you are using in the operations of your business or mission area. We provide custom training beyond the basic training provided by Google on line. You organization learns to use all of the relevant interface capabilities of Google Earth, as well as the use of Google Earth Fusion to process and ingest data updates. Of course, on of the most important areas of value for your organization is the custom data. We can train your people on collecting and managing geospatial data and transforming it into the appropriate formats, coordinate systems, map projections and datum for visualization in Google Earth.

Please Contact Us for more information about any of these service offerings.