Explore some examples of the geospatial information visualization solutions accomplished by our team using Google Earth.

Common Operational Picture with Google Earth

South Carolina National Guard Common Operational Picture

Common Operating Picture (COP) for the South Carolina National Guard exercise called Vigilant Guard, a simulated Earthquake Scenario, This COP utilized Google Earth and integrated Geospatial base-map data with up to date critical infrastructure, imagery, video, text and vector data .

The Common Operational Picture enabled better and faster decisions based on relevant, timely and accurate information. It facilitated effective emergency response command and control, strengthened situational awareness, information sharing and collaboration and enhanced catastrophic incident planning, response, and recovery . It simply is an easy to use and understand digital map room on the desktop integrating all the necessary information for command and control decision support. More ...

Presidential Inauguration 2009 in Google Earth

Presidential Inauguration 2009

The National Guard Bureau provided support to the Presidential Inauguration. There were several locations where the NGB elements were deployed and they needed a common picture of all the various operations. Using Google Earth, Earth Technology Integration provided this common operational picture by bringing together all of the various separate mission area's operational data into one common picture. More ...



Simulated C-CMRF Exercise Overview in Google Earth

Kansas City C-CMRF Exercise

C-CMRF, the CBRNE-Consequence Management Response Force conducted an exercise in Kansas to provide mission rehearsal training for command and control operations. CBRNE stands for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high-yield Explosives. This exercise, named Vibrant Response 2009, simulated a catastrophic event of a nuclear detonation in the downtown area of a major city. Earth Technology Integration provided data aggregation and management services demonstrating the added value and ease of use of Google Earth visualizing the operational geospatial information. More ...