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No company is an island. We all benefit from our business partners in the value chain to customer solutions. So here are links to some of our partners and various companies that play an important part in providing solutions to our markets. Of course, the most obvious player enabling our participation in this market is Google, Inc. We applaud Google for Google Earth - basemap data and all, and the user community it has inspired. It is an integral part of the growing Geoweb and an important part of our business value chain. Below are some particular companies that we are working with to provide geospatial information data and visualization for our customers.

Alpha Omega Change Engineering Logo

Alpha Omega Change Engineering

AOCE provides consulting and training to Federal, State and Local government agencies. We are pleased to work with them on several information management contracts. The company has a multitude of government contracting vehicles including GSA schedules and Blanket Purchase Agreements.
Geosemble Logo

Geosemble Technologies

Geosemble Technologies provides data mining and conflation tools that enable geographically referenced information for timely informed decisions. The company is a spin off from the University of Southern California. It has a spectrum of customers from US Federal Government to City Governments as well as several prominent aerospace companies. We are working with Geosemble to incorporate their GeoXray product into our value added engineering efforts.

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