CloudEOC - A Common Operating Picture

CloudEOC is a cloud-native, mobile first, next generation, shared-situational awareness Managed Platform as a Service (MPaaA). It is a Common Operating Picture for state emergency management, SERT partners, counties, municipalities, and corporations to utilize during exercises, day-to-day operations and real-world emergencies.


CloudEOC is a collection of strategies, methodologies, and processes that enable information sharing. Our software links existing systems and technologies to improve information acquisition, analysis, management, sharing, and protection

CloudEOC enables government, law-enforcement, and military agencies to exchange real-time information.

Automatic Scalability and Load Balancing

Allows CloudEOC to go from 100 users to 3,000 users with no human intervention and – from the users’ perspective – no degradation in software performance.

Key Features

  • Real-time Shared Situational Awareness
  • Mobile-first design
  • Email & SMS capability
  • Hosted in AWS Cloud
  • Supports a wide variety of Computer Aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location software solutions.
  • Multiple mapping options: Esri’s Web AppBuilder, Leaflet, or USGS.
  • 60-day free trial period for all interested organizations.


CloudEOC’s look can be customized. We encourage each customer to name their instance of CloudEOC. Selecting the product icon and the primary colors displayed throughout the live and training web sites.

Current Customers

  • SC Emergency Management Division
  • SC National Guard
  • SC Dept of Health and Environment Control
  • SC Lt. Governor’s Office on Aging
  • 46 SC county emergency managers
  • Virginia National Guard