About Earth Technology Integration

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We are a dedicated group of technologists with an intense interest in and passion for geospatial information and its ability to enable better and faster collaborative decisions that make a safer, more prosperous world.

Our specialty is providing integrated decision support solutions utilizing Google Earth and managed data along with select location based information software. We have a select group of engineers with years of experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remotely sensed imagery (aerial and satellite), and the vast information resource and collaborative communication capability of the Internet.

Our customers include the National Guard, Federal and State Agencies as well as Local government organizations responsible for Critical Incident Command and Control and Emergency Response. Our integration work with Google Earth Enterprise is applauded by Google Earth Federal as leading edge.

We are a dedicated, flexible and responsive organization interested in providing geospatial information solutions that fit within your budget process.

Contact Us to learn more about how we can help your organization save time and money while developing a competitive leading edge geospatial information decision support capability. We are easy to work with and creative in finding the right technical solution with the right team. program plan and budget.