Visualize Integrated Information in a Geographical Context

Puzzle MapEarth Technology Integration provides experienced engineering to install, integrate, augment and enhance Google Earth Enterprise with your data and a multitude of open source data of your choice.

How does this benefit you ?-- The human mind is a powerful cognitive tool when presented with data in a geographical context. We see patterns and relationships that a computer program may not. This is where Earth Technology Integration comes in. We put Google Earth on steroids with dynamic data integration and fusion.

We can help you and your organization make better decisions faster by:

Seamlessly aggregating data in a geographic context and bringing fragmented data together in one networked 3D visualization system. -- Performing collaborative analysis with a graphical interface that is easy to learn and familiar to millions. -- Integrating large volumes of data into an effective and consistent graphical display while protecting the underlying data rights. -- Sharing valuable data and reduce the cost of duplicated effort and data purchases. -- Enjoy the benefit of a collaborating user community contributing geo-referenced information from all over the world. -- Creating situational awareness with the most relevant, current and accurate information available from your organization and its partners. -- Effectively presenting the results of complex Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis in an easy to understand, familiar visualization system - Google Earth.

Google Earth is not intended to replace GIS systems but to provide a powerful platform to present and visualize information so that decision makers without extensive GIS training understand it and effectively act on it. Yes, there are several major Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software systems available to well trained GIS organizations. And they all have their own specialized graphical interface. These software systems are very powerful database and algorithmic analysis tools. GIS specialist train for months and years to effectively utilize these tools and the information they produce is very useful to scientists and engineers. However, many times a decision making group just needs to visualize this information on a common database of maps and images with an intuitive, familiar interface.

Now you may have engineers that, once they spend the time learning and experimenting with Google Earth Enterprise, could integrate your data sources and install and operate the necessary servers. However; we've learned it and we've done it before. So we can save you time and make your organization more effective faster. Plus, we are very accomplished at finding and aggregating useful data on the Internet. We provide training to your organization so you can make the most of your new capability. Should you need to add more capabilities by integrating new data sources like imagery, map data, real time video, traffic camera feeds, RSS feeds, we can help. Learn More... by seeing some of our team's work.

Get started easily

People helping with MapUsing Google Earth is very easy and effective. Integrating in your own geographically indexed data can be quite easy if it is in a standard data format called KML. Most GIS systems output results in KML format. Of course, you need to make sure the data is in the correct coordinate system, map projection and datum. There are also many very useful data sources that can be integrated into Google Earth if it is in the right format and georeferenced. And there is a certain point where you will want to have your own enterprise version of Google Earth especially if you have proprietary data or need to be off the Internet. All this is where Earth Technology Integration comes in.

We provide cost effective services performed by seasoned engineers who are dedicated, flexible and responsive. We are driven by the goal of a successful solution. If you are looking for a group of people who have the experience to get things done with geospatial information integration and visualization, then we are the answer, because we are already up on the learning curve. We have decades of experience developing and integrating commercial off the shelf (COTS) software and integrated system solutions. Find out More... about our services.